Two Knights - Just Pick a Dead End and Chill Out Till You Die

I found a purpose and I’m clinging to it, because it’s the only thing keeping me alive. If I’m not meant to end up happy at least I can say I died trying.


Pg.99 | We Left As Skeletons

You are every ounce of horror, every reminding second of a completely terrible life. You’re the single most constant mistake of why most my body aches, and from the cold, iron shackles you locked around my heart to the chunks of my life you picked out from your teeth. I remember for a moment about the person I used to be.


Jawbreaker - Jet Black

[I’ll be quiet to keep you quiet. Don’t concern yourself with my slow dying. Through the vents I hear you sigh. I don’t get too high these days. Your floor is my ceiling. Lights out, you can’t come in. If you don’t remind me, I won’t forget you. If you don’t ask, I won’t upset you.]

saw circle takes the square tonight, was v cool
this guy has been staring out of his window throughout the whole show

marietta - god bless eric taylor

Come with me, I promise the water is fine. I need something else to convince me I won’t die.

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Apart “Candles & Calendars


Mineral // &Serenading 

When I was a boy I saw things that no one else could see, so why am I so blind at twenty-two to the hope that is all around me filling up this room.

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